Sony plans to officially announce globally by the end of 2010 that they will sell 3D televisions. Not only they plan to sell 3D Bravia television sets, but they also plan to make their other products, like Vaio laptop computers, PlayStation3 games consoles and Blu-ray disc players, compatible with this 3D technology.
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Sony has opted for "active shutter" technology, using electronic glasses containing tiny shutters that open and close rapidly in synch with the television image to create a 3D impression. Cinema 3D uses polarisation technology with simpler glasses. However, this only works when viewers are at a certain angle to the screen, making it less suited to home viewing. In cinemas, uptake of 3D has grown nine fold over three years, with 7,000 digital 3D screens expected to be in use worldwide by the end of 2009.

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