Nokia N Series has become very popular recently. Now, I’m going to give a short review on this 173-gram Nokia N90. N90 is called the 3G imaging phone, while the N91 is the music phone. The N90 image phone is equipped with a good camera, as compared to others – as what it is called (imaging phone).

Nokia N90

This model’s lustrous silver cover gives the owner a classy “look”. As shown on the picture it can also be flipped and twisted just like the Nokia 6260; it has the ability to be twisted on the upper portion and the base and looking like it’s "sitting up and begging", which is ideal if you are connecting to the Nokia wirelessly and just want to prop the screen up on a table. Video Calling is also allowed in this model.

It has a 2 mega pixel camera but unfortunately, optical zoom is not possible just the auto focus system. Internal memory is 31 MB but the memory is expandable with the memory stick. USB connectivity, Bluetooth and a secondary 128 x 128 screen with full color are among the major features of N90. Battery can last up to 12 days on standby and 3 hours for talk time. Also, due to its speakers, ringtones are super loud.