Today, I will have a review on the new Pro-Form Precision Trainer XT Heart Rate Monitor with Chest Strap. Since we are living in a modern unhealthy world, we must always see to it that we maintain a healthy body.

To realize this goal we need to exercise and this is where the Pro-Form Precision Trainer XT Heart Rate Monitor with Chest Strap comes in. It is an accurate, effective and therefore, useful gadget that can monitor our heart rate while doing the exercise.

Features of this include the following:
  • Wear the watch on wrist, band it to a bike, or exercise machine 
  • Transmitter belt transmit the data to the watch or other well matched devise and is also used to count heartbeat
  • Heart rate transmitter and watch have a maximum transmission range of about 62.5 centimeters or 25 inches
  • Intelligent training program enables to absolute exercise cycles successfully,the program will monitor heart rate and permit to check the calories consumed and the percentage of fat burned

Furthermore, the specifications include the time/date, alarm, user menu, chronograph, calorie counter, % of maximum heart rate, personal profile, memory, bike mount and can resist water up to 30m deep.

Source: Hiren