Here comes another new ergonomic technology from Philips, the new Prestigo 8 Device Universal Remote. The true beauty of this gadget is its 1.4" LCD display where valuable information during operation is displayed.

As the name suggests, this single remote can operate and control every appliance in your home like the TV, DVD player, CD player, tuner, amplifier and satellite receiver, among others. In this way, you won't be able to worry about remote control confusion anymore, as you can operate your appliance and gadget with a button press.

This remote control, just like any other common remote uses 3 AA alkaline batteries with a low battery indicator that will tell you that it's time to change batteries. The Infrared system can operate at a maximum distance of 10 meters with a transmission angle of 90-degrees.

What's more? Philips offers a 90-day warranty for only $19.99.

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