Now, here comes a new and better feature from Google, Microsoft and Bing, the new Google Fast Flip that can offer a new reading experience to provide better service to all the internet users.

google fast flip

Since more and more people want to become aware of what's happening on the world today, they tend to read online news, which are more updated as compared to T.V. news. But sadly, reading news online is becoming more and more slow, that it sometimes take up to appproximately 10 seconds to load a single page and proceed to the next one.

With Google Fast Flip, you can easily and fastly browse through various headline news all the same time, so there's no need for you to wait to know the next news that will catch your attention. What's more is that you can instantly share the news with your friends through the added feature.

According to the official Google blog:
In short, you get fast browsing, natural magazine-style navigation, recommendations from friends and other members of the community and a selection of content that is serendipitous and personalized.