If you own a Nokia N95 and you want to optimize it for your convenience, then you might consider using the Nokia Maps 1.0. In order to do this, you have to update your unit to the latest version b y using the Nokia Software Uploader. In this way, you can experience the best performance of your gadget.

If you are wondering what does the latest version include, well, the Assisted GPS service is one of the best features which is in the package. This GPS service is designed to allow the device to establish the satellite fix more quickly and reliably than with standalone GPS.

You can restore it after the update by the performing the following actions:

1. Start Nokia Maps application.
2. Go to Options > Extra services
3. Select Add navigation, accept the terms and conditions and select the correct region
4. After this select: Options > Update.
5. Allow connection to license server by selecting suitable Internet access point.
6. Press OK