As a gadget lover, I always deal with several remote controls almost daily; along with this, remote control confusion is not an unusual problem that I also handle. Now, I'm happy to announce that a new cool and unique universal remote will be out in the market very very soon.

Kymera Magic Wand aka Universal Remote

What's cool and unique? This gadget does not look like any remote control in any way. It's a wand! Yes! You can act as Harry Potter or any other wizard or witch that you fancy with this new Kymera Magic Wand that functions as remote control, universal remote control, that is. With it's state of the art built-in accelerometer it can recognize Harry Potter-like gestures so you don't need to push buttons anymore.

For instance, when you wave your hand holding the wand in a clockwise or counter-clockwise motion, the volume of the unit will automatically increase and decrease, respectively. Amazing, isn't it? There are other 12 additional wizard-like or witch-like gestures that you can make to operate this Kymera Magic Wand (the instructions are included in the package, of course)