Recently, many computer users have been infected by the Green AV virus and are asking of how to remove or uninstall this threat. Without even knowing it, computers have been infected by this virus. SO, for those who want to know what Green AV virus is and how to remove it, just continue reading.

What is Green AV Virus? It is a fake antivirus program that lets the users believe that it gives a portion of every software sold to environmental causes, without the user's knowledge that he/she is increasing the chance of exposing their credit card information to fraudulent people. Also, when this software has been installed, number of pop ups occur which result to slower computer performance.

How to remove or uninstall this annoying Green AV Virus? Green AV can be removed without the need to purchase the fake green av spyware antivirus application. Malwarebytes is one of the free online application that can be use to remove this annoying software. Below are the easy steps to do: 1. Download and install malwarebytes. Malware bites download is available here
2. After installation, choose a scanning option and click scan.
computer for infectious files by selecting perform quick scan in the scanner tab and clicking the scan button.
3. After the scanning is finished, click “show results” and remove all infectious objects by clicking the “remove selected” button.

For more information, visit the malwarebytes official site for a detailed information.

If you have been a victim of this threat, kindly share your experience on the comment section on how you successfully removed it for others' reference.