Having this Duplicate Files Finder software is really a big help for me. As an educator and a blogger, I tend to transfer or copy most of my files from one folder to another and sometimes copy them to my desktop during presentations.

With these, I tend to have more than once copy of my files, like music, photos, powerpoint presentations, documents and other types of files, in my computer. Since I'm a lazy person - lazy to locate files and delete their duplicates, my system's space is occupied by these double "entries".

duplicate files finder

With the use of this Duplicate Diles Finder utility software, all I have to do is download a free copy of it, click a button to scan my system and presto! all those duplicates are found and a click on a button will delete all those unwanted files.

Easy! Now, I can get more free space from my system and store some more useful and necessary files. So, if you are already tired of findings those duplicates and manually delete them one by one, I recommend you this software.
Digeus duplicate files finder

You can download it here for dry run or you can opt to buy it and get a registered copy of it. Here's the link: http://www.digeus.com/products/duplicatefinder/duplicate_files_finder_9_2.html