As a blogger, it is a good news for me to know that I can download a new innovation to image-capturing from web through
SnapIt Screen Capture. Before, I use to do it by "old school" ways, where I click PrtScr key from the keyboard, go to Paint and paste the image there for some cropping then save it afterwards. Hassle and time-consuming, right?

SnapIt Screen Capture software

But, with this SnapIt Screen Capture software, my blogging life has never been easier. Let me tell you how and why. After downloading the software, its icon is minimized in my system's tray. When I see certain images that I would like to include in my posts, all I need to do is to click the PrtScr button from my keyboard and select with my mouse the area or the part of the image/s the I need (this will save my time to do some more cropping later). After selecting, magic! As it is automatically copied to the clipboard - or even saved on my specified location (this is possible by adjusting the settings).

SnapIt Screen Capture icon

As easy as that! And what I also like about this software is that it supports hotkeys for easy navigation and saves files in various files like BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG and TIFF formats, as well. So I don't need to worry about file compatibilities.
Autosave properties

So, it is really a recommended tool for my fellow bloggers , as well as, for graphic designers, office workers, and even ordinary people who love to grab some images from their screen or from the web. Believe me, it really saves your precious time.

Ready to ease your online life now? Then, download it here: Download SnapIt Screen Capture